Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CIS Quarterbacks

Michael Faulds, Danny Brannagan, and Justin Dunk are all in their final year of quarterbacking in CIS football. They are fourth, fifth, and seventh respectively in CIS all-time passing yards. All three are top 20 in touchdown passes, and top ten in completions and attempts.
Last year there was a similar group of three. Matt Connell, the CIS all-time passing leader. Josh Sacobie who sits second in touchdown passes, and Teale Orban who is second in completions and third in attempts. The latter three have all since graduated and none are playing football anymore.
In the CFL, 23 roster spots must be filled by a Canadian and there is not one Canuck quarterback in the league. The CFL doesn't count quarterbacks towards a team's Canadian quota. Former Ti-Cats GM, Marcel Desjardins said, "the rules don't entice you to have a Canadian guy around." Desjardins is a Canadian himself.
It's time the CFL revised the rule. There hasn't been a Canadian starting QB in the league since Larry Jusdanis in 1995. The last truly successful Canadian under center was Russ Jackson, who played 12 years for Ottawa, and retired in 1969.
The sport is growing rapidly thanks to better coverage and the CIS owes it to themselves and the fans to produce a better product and it starts with coaching. Quarterbacks in the American system get extensive training on the fundamentals by the time they've graduated high school, never mind how accomplished they are after university.
The outlook is bleak for Faulds, Brannagan, and Dunk. Much like Connell, Sacobie, and Orban already found out. It's a shame after the success they've had, but for the CIS to grow, they can ill afford quality Canadian players to continue to fall by the wayside.

That's Questionable At Best.

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